FitBot is one smart mannequin

Robots are slowly but surely encroaching on human territory, where without them, we would still be laboring out in the fields without machines to assist us so that we can rest easy at home long before the sun sets. Cubicle droids might beg to differ, but I digress. Enter the FitBot, which is a robotic mannequin that is capable of sizing up and down according to your needs. Thanks to Estonian startup, this innovative solution that was launched last year for the men will now come in a female equivalent.

Thanks to their custom-built robot mannequin known as the FitBot, it is capable of accurately modeling clothes so that they will be able to look good across a span of body sizes, using just a singl emannequin. This is the perfect fit, if I may say so, for online clothing retail sites since it is capable of simulating just what a particular garment will resemble on any body shape.
All you need to do is use sliders to indicate your vital statistics such as your height, bust, waist, hips as well as the measurement from your wrist to the back of your neck. The computer will then process all those information where it will show off an image of what the robot mannequin would look like upon wearing the garment of your choice in your size.

With such robots making their way to market, how do you see them changing the way fashion is promoted? Will it usher in a whole new age of online shopping, since the ladies can never have enough handbags, shoes and clothes? Well, we do hope that there will be future versions which will cater for women who are super plus sized where the bust is concerned, because certainly the FitBot is unable to do anything about a 40DDD size.