3D Bee by VEFXi does real-time conversion

For those that are interested in 3D conversion for their 2D systems, you might want to look at 3D Bee from VEFXi.
In a recent demonstration, I saw a two-dimensional animated film being brought to life in 3D, with the glasses. It was done with two vertically stacked 2D projectors and passive polarizer filters, providing crisp 3D that is brighter viewing than available with typical 3D ready projectors.
It is possible to get a kit for stacking the 2D projectors with the professional model, and it is also possible to get the 3D conversion for 3D-Ready projectors that require frame-sequential 120Hz 720p 3D format with the 3D-Bee trainer model.
Then there is the 3D-Bee home for 3D TVs. All of this is good for video game consoles, Blu-ray/DVD players, cable, satellite, not to mention media players, cameras, and computers. Somehow, this converts it to 3D, just like the 2D animated film that I mentioned before. I don’t know how they did it, but it is impressive.
It is also expensive. The 3D-Bee::home for 3D TVs is about $399, the 3D-Bee::trainer for 3D-ready projectors is about $499, and the 3D-Bee::professional with stackable 2D projectors is about $949. Right now, the VEFXi site and 3D-Bee site don’t have any news on when this will be available.

3 thoughts on “3D Bee by VEFXi does real-time conversion”

  1. I saw this at InfoComm and wasn’t particularly impressed. It weirdly maps content, basically made things look like they were projected on egg crate foam. Everything it figures needs to be closer gets it’s own area, so for instance when watching a football games, the clusters of players looked like they were little mounds coming out of the screen at you, quite peculiar when the camera angle is oblique.

  2. I had the pleasure of trying this out at E3 this year and I was very, very impressed. Having been an early adopter i suffered with what others did as well, lack of 3d content. While at E3 I discovered the 3d-bee booth and quickly put the 3d glasses on to try it out. I was flabbergasted, standard 2-d def football game was playing and it looked better than some 3d tv shows I’ve checked out online. Halo3 in 3d also blew my mind as it looked as if the 3d was native. From what I tried out there just about any hdmi source looks pretty darned good. Is it worth $299 for the home product for 3d? Only you can decide but for the dearth of current 3d releases I would say unequivocally, YES it’s worth it.

  3. Hi, i compared the the 3d bee to the samsung 2d-3d converter .The samsung converter works better so i wasted my money and i’m very disappointed in the 3d bee product.

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