BGRMods showed off their little video game accessories in a big way at E3 2011

by Mark R

BGRMods is a company that I never heard of before yesterday, yet they had some pretty interesting gaming accessories at their booth at E3 2011, not to mention Master Chief.

The first I saw is the NO Scope ($4.95), and it is a decal of crosshairs that you stick on your TV screen. It helps with aiming on an FPS game, and it actually took me a few seconds before I realized that the crosshairs were not part of the game.

Second, there is the InstaFIRE that allows and 8-Mode Sleeper Mode for a PS3 ($59.95) to make the R1, R2, and X buttons in rapid fire controllers. The company has a similar design for the XBox 360 controller ($39.95), and these rapid-fire mod kits are completely programmable and easy to install.

Next was the G4M3R5 TOW3L, which I believe is supposed to be some spelling “gamer’s towel”. It is designed to stay on your leg for when you need to quickly. The HubCap is a Teflon reinforced sticker that is designed to protect the 3cm diameter center of the disk to prevent it from cracking, which could prove useful for DVDs as well. At present, these two items are not available on the BGRMod store, but the Illuminating Thumbsticks are for $24.95. Check it out.

I’m not certain why I have not heard of this company before, but with stuff like this, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the next Nyko.

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