Genius Traveler 9000 BlueEye-tracking wireless mouse


Genius goes wireless this time around with their latest travel mouse – the Traveler 9000 BlueEye-tracking wireless mouse. Arriving in North America (that would mean the US as well as Canada), it will come in five different colors and was specially designed to work ergonomically regardless of whether you are a southpaw or not. Bear in mind that this is no gaming mouse per se, but it is a suitable working mouse that ought to fit the bill for most people. The more discerning folks who want something more will have to look elsewhere though.

More on the Genius Traveler 9000 – it will sport an extremely responsive 1200 dpi optical engine as well as the aforementioned BlueEye tracking technology which will enable it to function on just about any surface, and when we say that, we mean marble and glass included. Older tracking technology would find it nigh impossible to work on such surfaces, so to see Genius incorporate this well is something of a bonus.

Expect this little device to hook up to both notebooks and desktops via a wireless and anti-interference 2.4GHz RF frequency, courtesy of a very tiny Pico USB receiver. Basically, this pico USB receiver allows you to leave it inside your computer or notebook’s USB port all the time without having to worry about it being chipped or broken off during transportation.

Apart from that, there is also a Stick-N-Go mount that allows you to stick it to a notebook for easy transportation to and fro, regardless of where you are heading to. A storage compartment is thrown into the mix for the Pico receiver, while a Stick-N-Go mount that is beneath the top cover alongside an on/off switch on the bottom will help you conserve battery juice.

A single AAA battery is required to get this up and running, although don’t expect gaming grade quality as we first mentioned for a mere $29.90.

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