Flex-Fire brings you more move to your PS3 Move

by Mark R

Usually when I go to E3, I tend to ignore the big booths from the big video game companies. Unless they have some video game technology that is really different, I just don’t see a need to report on the newest FPS, MMO, or whatever on this particular blog.

This is why I usually head to the back section, where the booths take up less space than a parking lot. Here, you can find all kinds of cool things, plus people who are very friendly. Yes, this is the technology that usually isn’t out yet, but looking for a market.

Such was the case with the Flex-Fire. Flex-Fire is designed to work with the PS3 Move, but unlike most rifle gaming mods, the user bend the barrel of their weapon. According to their product description, it allows the user to operate his or her game fluidly and center automatically.

Some of you might think that this is cheating, as a real rifle barrel can’t bend in order to make its shots. However, the Flex-Fire is designed with the gamer in mind, and many of these shooter games demand quick action. Flex-Fire gives PS3 players the “flex”-ability they need to “fire” away. Okay, if you can think of a better pun for me to say here, just leave a comment.

You might wonder if the Flex-Fire could be used for the Wii. In actuality, it was originally designed for the Wii, but changed to the Move later on. Now that there will be a new Wii U, I’m not certain what direction Prodagen will take. For now, you can find out more about the product here.

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