Atom Watch – you don’t have to be a mutant to own one


Have you watched X-Men: First Class already? If your answer is no, I would suggest you have a go at it – after all, it isn’t every day that a superhero story is played back, showing off the more human side of things while concentrating more on relationships and their dynamics mixed with ideology instead of just plenty of adrenaline pumping special effects. So what if you aren’t a mutant – that does not disqualify you from picking up the Atom Watch.

This $119.99 timepiece will showcase the building block of all matter, where it is now available in a cool looking wristwatch form factor. With a 3D design that represents each component of the atom, you have hour and minute hands that will follow the path of orbiting electrons, while the second hand will originate from the nucleus. Might be something that will help remind your kid of an atom’s make up even in the exam room, no?

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