Summary of WWDC 2011 announcements

Well, we all knew that it would happen today, and Steve Jobs took the floor at WWDC 2011 to officially announce several things. One of them is not a new iPhone.
There was iCloud. If you weren’t paying attention last week, iCloud is a way for Apple users to wirelessly share music, e-mail, photos, calendars, as well as any other data between computers. The service also includes cloud backup, as well as a daily wireless backup of an iOS device. Hit the jump to find out what else was announced today.
Just to let you know, music can only be shared with other devices, but only if it is from iTunes. Apple is also providing a service known as “iTunes Match” which allows the user to store his or her entire collection, which includes music ripped from CDs, on Apple iCloud servers for about $24.99 a year.
Then there is the hype of iOS 5. Developers can get their new version today, and customers should be able to get a hold of it this fall. Scott Forstall, Apple’s senior vice president of iOS, discussed all the features including a new Notification Center and Newstand, a way of bringing magazine subscriptions in one place. Also included with iOS 5 is a new Reminders App to store multiple lists with dates for each event and categorizing reminders by location. Safari and Mail will each get new looks, and the Camera will have a shortcut on the lock screen in order to take a photo.
Also, Mac OS X Lion is coming in July for about $29.99. All in all, not a bad day for Apple. Stay tuned to hear what’s up with Microsoft.

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