Natura helps save the environment even as you pee


Guys, what do you normally do when you go to the loo to relieve yourself? Normally, most guys do one or the other – which is to look ahead or stare straight down, no one really turns to the left or right just to check out how your neighbor is doing, size-wise or otherwise. If you are the type who stares down, then have you noticed just how urinals have evolved? From the classic types that tend to have your pee splash back at you at the right angle and pressure, we then got urinals which could flush (phew, taking away the stench!) followed by waterless urinals that used biological agents to get rid of the smell and keep the area clean.

Well, water-less solutions are definitely the way to go forward when you think just how much abuse our earth has gone through to date, and the Natura concept is the perfect way to continue moving in the right direction. After all, the standard toilet uses up 15 times more drinking water each day than a regular human, which is why Natura intends to stop that thanks to designer Jose Genovés. This toilet is even more attractive by the fact that it can adapt to male urination in addition to female urination, & defecation, helping reduce water consumption by up to 60% if properly implemented!

Where male urination is concerned, Natura will offer a male urinal that is integrated fully into the toilet design. The urinal itself comprises of a reclining element which is located in the back part of the toilet, where it can be lowered toward the user using a simple “push to open” system. The urinal itself will dispose the urine with but a half liter of water, helping you save up to 30% of the water that is used by conventional toilets for the same purpose.

As for female urination, all urine is disposed through an additinal eco-siphon that will use up only a half liter of water. Natura will have a lower water level at the bottom of the bowl, helping keep paper out of the user’s sight.

If you have to lay a log, then Natura increases the water consumption from 4.5 liters to 6 so that any stored toilet paper can be flushed away, but it makes up for this apparent “wastage” by saving more on the urination process.


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