Bicycle Spoke LED Light


While you love going around on a bicycle, it might not be the safest mode of transport – after all, your body will cover the bicycle in the event of an accident, and not the other way round if you are in a car yourself. Well, this gives it all the more reason to make sure you are very, very visible when going around on two wheels, especially when dusk falls. Enter the Bicycle Spoke LED Light, where it is a snap to install into your spokes so that your ride will get some form of lighting at the bottom.

Perfect for letting you be seen in low light conditions, the Bicycle Spoke LED Light will retail for $7.99, where you can choose from two different colors. These LED lights can be set to flashing mode or steady on mode, so it really depends on which situation you’re in – either way, just make sure it is on so that you won’t end up as a roadkill statistic!

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Gadget News Blog Says: June 6, 2011 at 10:29 am

little mount of money to increase your and over people security 🙂

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