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Is music your life? Those who put up their hands to second that suggestion would definitely find the Zoom R8 to be at the top of their wanted list, or perhaps somewhere up there. Just what is the Zoom R8? This is touted to be the perfect tool if you need something to capture audio whenever, wherever you are. The Zoom R8 will merge a quartet of production tools in a single compact, versatile device. Apart from being an 8-track playback/2-track simultaneous recorder that makes sure all of your recordings end up on a SD memory card, the R8 will also double up as an audio interface, a control surface and a pad sampler.

According to James Tsaptsinos, Samson’s VP of Sales, “The R8 will fit in a guitar case, for a flexible, multi-track solution. More than ever before, Zoom users have all the tools necessary to create studio-quality recordings on-the-go.”

The presence of a sampler function that comprises of eight voices, coupled with the R8’s built-in drum sounds are able to be triggered through the use of eight pads that will assign sounds to each track, resulting in the creation of loops. Not only that, you are able to make use of the unit’s drum machine in order to create original backing beats, or perhaps you might simply want to output a metronome for tempo control.

The Zoom R8 is versatile enough to deliver more than 500 drum patterns for you to play around with, where it will also ship with a 2GB SD memory card that has 500MB of drum loops that were pre-recorded by Big Fish Audio.

Capable of supporting up to 32GB SDHC memory cards to hold a maximum of 100 track hours, the whole idea behind SD media when recording is to make sure the Zoom R8 does not end up being a burden on your pockets or bag, while increasing the reliability level since there isn’t any hard drive inside to crash. When you want to bring your Zoom R8 into a studio, you will be able to record additional tracks thanks to its USB audio interface.

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