Magneticat Cat Toy


Pets might not be on the same level as humans, but that does not mean they do not learn through some human methods, and playing is among one of those traits. After all, it is through playing that kittens learn how to catch prey, honing their reflexes and hunting instinct amongst their siblings. Cat owners out there – how many times have your feline friend left you a “present” in front of the door in the form of a roach, rat or other small animals?

How about letting Garfield (or whatever else you call your cat) hone its playing skills with the Magneticat Cat Toy? This $12.99 purchase works as its name suggests, featuring a magnetically powered cat toy inside that boasts of a weighted base and a ladybug toy on a string. The magnet in the base will repel the ladybug, letting it dance, and that ought to keep your cat amused for hours on end.

It would be interesting to see how Magneto harnesses this toy as a killing machine compared to a coin…

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