Hand Pedal Float


You know the old proverb, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too. The same applies to this leisurely looking float that might just lull you into thinking that floating around on a pool with a good book in hand, a pair of shades, some Pina Colada and a generous amount of sunscreen splashed all over is the perfect idea of chilling out. Why not throw in an element of exercise with the Hand Pedal Float?

This raft lounger can be propelled in the direction of your choice using hand-powered propellers, where a couple of four-blade propellers (with one located on each side of the seat) will rotate with a simple turn, helping move the float forward, backward, or turning it in the direction that you want to. With an angled backrest, it will let you relax in a reclined manner, while 25′ sq. of float real estate ought to let you have more than enough space for outstretched limbs.

There are also two integrated cup holders that will keep your favorite drink upright. Made from heavy-gauge vinyl, it is puncture resistant (to a reasonable degree, of course), and isn’t that easy to fade. Are you willing to fork out $79.95 for the Hand Pedal Float?

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