Forza 4 set to turn heads at E3

I’m headed to E3 next week, and I am pretty excited about what I am going to see. I am clearly not the only one, as you can see this video after the jump.
Apparently, a secret was given away as this one girl’s response was literally “buzzed out”. However, the video went on to show Forza 4’s new head tracking feature that works with Kinect.
The designers of Forza 4 studied how people drive so they could make the game more exciting. They noticed that people tended to look out the side of their windows during turns and other moves, and they wanted to bring that experience to the console. Thanks to the Kinect, the player can virtually turn their head during a race.
That is a lot better than older video games. I still remember having to push a button to see out of the side of my cockpit in the early nineties Star Wars X-wing game. You can see in the video how smoothly it works, and how it does bring an element of realism to the game as most racing games force the player to constantly stay ahead.
I’m wondering if this might work better with triple displays. After all, when the player turns his or her head, he or she is no longer looking at the screen in front of them. It is quite possible that this effect could be lost on someone playing it on a single screen.
Well, it will be on display at E3, so I look forward to trying it out for myself.