Steve Jobs to officially announce iCloud and iOS 5 at WWDC 2011

Next week, I am leaving for L.A. to go to E3, but I’m sure that most of the news before the big video game conference will be devoted to what Apple is doing.
At WWDC 2011, Steve Jobs will be on deck to announced three new big things (at least) with iCloud, OS X Lion, and iOS 5.
So what is iCloud? Right now, there isn’t anything on that website, but it is the cloud service that we have all have been wanting on Apple for a long time now. I am guessing that the iCloud will be some sort of new streaming music service like on MobileMe, or something, just like Amazon and Google are doing. The rumors are that this streaming could apply to more than just music, but to movies and television.
I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised, as cloud computing is everywhere these days, and yet somehow nowhere. The OS X Lion and iOS 5 should come as no shock to anyone.
I guess what surprises me most of all is that I haven’t heard much about any introduction of an iPhone 5 at this event. Wasn’t the iPhone 4 introduced last year? Why yes, it was, and if Steve pulls out the next version at WWDC, I wouldn’t exactly be surprised. I would be more surprised that it would have been kept a secret, honestly.