BodyGuard electric gauntlet delivers a 500,000 volt handshake

This is the BodyGuard, an electro-gauntlet, which is actually the best description of this device that I know.
The BodyGuard has some other features, like a laser pointer, video camera, and a hefty taser of with 500,000 volts. I suppose that one could classify it as a weapon, and I suppose that it is much less violent than a gun. I don’t know, but 500,000 volts sounds pretty harmful, however, I heard that it is not the volts, but the amps. However, since this thing has a video camera, you can watch the victim get some serious shock therapy.
The gauntlet also has a hard outer shell, which means this device is a good defense as well as an offense. It definitely looks like something Batman would wear if he didn’t keep all of his contraptions on his belt. It even has some pointy things on it.
I seem to recall that the villain from the James Bond film Die Another Day wore one of these and shocked the heck out of 007 and Halle Berry. By the way, the shock-glove served as his undoing at the end of the film. Hopefully I didn’t spoil the end of that film. Speaking of films, this device is designed by a cameraman and friend of Kevin Costner.
Well, I’m not certain if this electric gauntlet will be available to the general public, and I don’t have a price. I just hope I’m never on the receiving end of this thing.