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Golfers can be quite sensitive when it comes to their game, and any comments or criticism might not be welcome at all. Of course, we all know that we learn best if we are willing to humble ourselves and listen to the opinions of others when they matter. In this case, it would be listening to the Putt Guide. While it isn’t exactly the most classical form of gadgets where improving your golf game is concerned, we are quite sure that anything to do with your swing and lowering your score is always more than welcome.

The new Putt Guide will retail for $49.99 a pop, where it will be accompanied by a free Denis Pugh tuition DVD (now that would mean saving another $15.99 instead of purchasing it off the shelf), making it one of four new training aids from the very same people who introduced the acclaimed T2hole golf improvement system to the world.

There are three other devices that can also help you amaze your friends the next time you take off to the greens – we are talking about the Slice Stopper, Path Master and Stance Master, where they will retail for $29.99, $49.99 and $49.99, respectively. Similar to the Putt Guide, they are specially designed in order to produce tangible results even with just mere minutes’ of use each day.

You will not need to possess a rocket science degree to be able to assemble the Putt Guide, where it will work for you after just a few short practice sessions. Just what does the Putt Guide do, you ask? Well, it was designed to groove a consistent putting stroke and can be used just about anywhere – at home, at the golf club, in the office or wherever else you happen to be. Touted to improve distance control with regular use, it is easily adapted for use with both face balanced and heel-toe weighted putters.

Heck, if Tour players and other top golfers are already using the Putting Guide to help them get an edge over the rest of their opponents, what is stopping you? After all it will not cost a bomb, and the improvement in your game might very well be worth the purchase.

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