Drawing Machine takes prize at Maker Faire

by Mark R

Right now, I am in the San Francisco area, but I wish I could have been there for the Maker Faire, which was last week.

The Drawing Machine that you see here in the photo was one of the winners of an Editor’s Choice award, and he didn’t even expect to show it off at this year’s fair. The device is able to recreate a JPG mechanically in the form of a drawing.

It has a set-up with Arduino software, and it takes weeks or even months to complete the image. You have to admit that is a pretty long time to wait for a drawing, and yes, a human would be able to do it faster. I’m not certain if a human can achieve the level of detail that this device can, as it makes a drawing of Frankenstein’s monster from the classic motion picture look like a still from the movie.

Yeah, this is one of those times where you have to compare the work of a human with that of a machine. In this case, it is a fair comparison, because part of the programming code of this machine is to create a random element to each drawing. This means that every drawing will be different.


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