Check out this UFO Tree House!

If you were jogging in the forest one day, and you looked up and saw this huge football shaped object hovering there, what would you think?
If you were thinking that you just saw a UFO, then you would be partially correct. This is a tree house in the shape of a UFO. I’m not certain whether or not this was designed for small children or adults, but it has a dinning area, bedroom, living room, and bathroom.
Seriously, it has a bathroom. I have no idea if the plumbing goes up the tree trunk or what, but unless it is some sort of outhouse, I want to live here. Then again, I don’t know how tall the ceilings are, but they look pretty low.
This reminds me of that home design that you see in movies all the time that is essentially a big flying saucer on a large stick. Sort of like a miniature version of Cloud City, without the clouds or floating. I think I saw some version of it in the first Charlie’s Angels movie.
It looks like the interior of this guy is just as good as the exterior, but I will have to say that during the day, the UFO Tree House is not as impressive.