Book Rest Lamp


You know that since you were young, you’ve always wanted to stand out from the rest. That’s not too hard to do if you were to act like a boor amongst your mates, but understated elegance – now that is a hard act to follow. The Book Rest Lamp, however, might just elevate you to such levels if you aren’t quite there yet. The name itself might already give the game away, if not the picture, but how about letting your favorite tome sit right on top of the lamp?

Doing so will have it look like a house in one of those classic designs, letting you feel all nice, warm and fuzzy within. Of course, we do hope that the harsh light from the lamp won’t spoil your book’s pages in the long run if you happen to park the book there more than you read it, using the lamp for long hours each day. Available for £40 with a choice of UK, US or EU plugs, this is one modern design for your home that you would do well to seriously consider.

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