foxL V2 Bluetooth Soundbar

It has been many years since Bluetooth technology was implemented in mobile devices, but how about the application of it? Bluetooth never really broke new ground apart from being paired to a pair of headphones, or used as a wireless mouse, or sending data sans a cable. Well, nothing much has changed here with the foxL V2 Bluetooth Soundbar, but it is still an interesting $199.99 device which proves its bark is worse than its bite.
Why so? For something so diminutive and portable, the Bluetooth A2DP Loudspeaker surely boasts of a superior quality speakerphone, delivering incredible power and dynamic range that targets audiophiles and gadget hounds. Not only that, it has the pedigree to back it up – physicist, NASA engineer, and well known audio design legend, Dr. Godehard Guenther, is the brain behind the Foxl V2 Bluetooth Soundbar.
Powered by an internal battery, it will fit comfortably into a relatively large pocket or backpack, offering blistering audio for up to 8 hours before requiring a recharge. Seems to be the perfect device to bring on your long camping trips – just get a solar-powered charger of sorts to accompany it and you’re set to be marooned on a tropical island for life.