Dreamtrap EASYWAKEme Sleep Stage Alarm Clock


Sleep is vital to the well being of humans, any doctor can tell you that. Heck, you need not slog your way through medical school (suffering from a lack of sleep in the process, how ironic is that?) to know that having the right amount of sleep is important to make sure you function at peak efficiency. Well, some of us get too much, most of us get too little, but the EASYWAKEme Sleep Stage Alarm Clock from Dreamtrap intends to help you achieve the perfect balance.

Ready to rock and roll this coming July, the innovative sleep monitor will be able to detect the most optimal moments for you to wake up through the simple monitoring of customers’ sleep. This means with enough data collected, you will be awakened stress-free while feeling totally alert, energized and ready to meet the new day, never mind that you are already behind schedule in your work.

Make no mistake about it, this is very different from a regular alarm clock, where the EASYWAKEme functions as a sleep monitoring and waking system which will track body motion and detect sleep phases. The Dreamtrap’s proprietary 3D Adaptive Sleep Capture (3D ASC) technology is capable of “reading” body characteristics, tracking sleep duration and efficiency so that it can accurately determine the optimal wake-up moment and reduce your daily wake-up stress.

Accompanied by a wearable sensor that is compatible with most cell phones, this sensor comes in the form of a comfortable band that is worn on the wrist while sleeping. All you need to do is set the required time window to be awakened, and the supporting application will get to work, transforming the cell phone into a sleep phase alarm clock. Relying on a silent vibrating alarm mode, or choosing from your favorite wake-up tunes, EASYWAKEme is well on its way to help you get a healthy night’s sleep.

It can also let you review your personal sleep stats, track sleep duration and evaluate sleep efficiency, as all information on sleep is automatically uploaded to a web site via your cell phone. It is ready to hit the UK for £99, with no word on a Stateside release just yet.

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