Satellite view reveals 17 lost pyramids in Egypt

When it comes to discovery, technology has essentially “been there, done that”. Thanks to satellite imagery, there are no more lost islands, and there are very few civilizations that have been untouched by civilization. However, technology played a huge part in uncovering 17 lost pyramids and thousands of ancient tombs, not to mention other structures in an infrared satellite survey of Egypt.
NASA and a University of Alabama at Birmingham Egyptologist Sarah Parcak teamed up to use commercial satellites in order to find mud-brick structures underneath the sands. These satellites were 430 miles up in the air, and they found 1,000 tombs as well as 3,100 settlements.
Parcak has stated that there are “there is enough to be excavated for 50 generations to come”. These findings at Saqqara or Sakkara could easily keep archaeologists happily digging, and I would love to see what they find.
I can’t help but wonder if infrared technology on commercial satellites has discovered this in Egypt, I wonder what other lost civilizations are there, just waiting to be explored? Someone seriously needs to turn these satellite cameras on South America, and see what ancient buildings are below the ground. It has occurred to me how little we know about ancient civilizations, and if this can give us further insight, then let’s check it out!

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