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Gamers can be a fussy lot, as they tend to look outwards first if they are on a losing streak. Could it be the mouse? Perhaps the keyboard isn’t quite right, or the standard, age-old excuse of “My computer’s too slow to keep up with the action”. Well, Digital Storm wants to make sure that you no longer have any more excuses the next time you lose, at least not from the processing point of view with their first pre-built gaming system known as ODE.

Just what is the ODE? This will be very different from Digital Storm’s previous individually customized gaming rigs, as ODE will allow hardcore and interested PC gamers to acquire the best technology without having to select each individual component. Digital Storm will do this for you prior, having pre-selected and fully optimized all of the hardware within so that you get unparalleled performance per dollar.

With a liquid cooled 5.0GHz extreme overclocked Intel i7 2600K processor inside (you can pick up your jaws from the floor already), a dual SLI configuration that sports two NVIDIA GTX 570’s, and a super fast Intel solid state drive (SSD) will let the ODE deliver super fluid graphical performance that will certainly have you salivate all over, so make sure that there are tissues ready.

All ODE models will be constructed with the same boutique level quality and care, where this pre-built machine will be fully loaded with a perfectly balanced configuration, shipping in just 72 hours so that you can get your gaming fix ASAP. Since it is ready right out of the box, you need not worry about missing components or sub-par parts, everything has been done for you already, you just need to pony up the dough.

Digital Storm’s ODE gaming rigs will come in four different pre-set configurations, retailing for $1,499 onwards.

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