GroClock sleep trainer helps kid hit the sack on time

Getting your kids to establish a healthy sleeping pattern can be quite challenging in this day and age, especially with so many distractions around to keep them awake such as modern toys, the iPod, handheld consoles and TV programs. You as an adult too might play a role here in influencing your child to sleep late because you have a similar pattern, but enter the GroClock to help you train your kids when it comes to sleeping.
Once you have made sure that there are no more monsters hiding around in the closet or under the bed, set the GroClock and let it work its magic. All you need to do is let your child know that when the sun shines on the GroClock, that is the time he/she is supposed to get up. And when they are about to go to bed and knock off, that is when the stars come out to play. Sort of like a Pavlovian response, don’t you think so?
Your $44.99 investment doesn’t end there when they grow up though, as they can always switch on the digital clock option when that happens, giving them a better idea by connecting the time with the appearances of the stars and sun. Neat!