Vertical Vinyl Player


Let’s face the facts – many of us who have visited our grandparents would probably have come across this ancient artifact (OK, so it wasn’t that ancient but you know how it is with the advent of MP3s and digital media content these days) known as a record, or vinyl player. If your memory serves you right, it would mean dusting off those old vinyls and playing them on the record player – horizontally placed, of course.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and iPods with its numerous clones of portable media players have taken over the world when it comes to the mobile music experience, but what happens when you retreat back to your home after a particularly long day at the office, hoping to relax in classic tunes that only a vinyl can offer with its warmth? Enter the Vertical Vinyl that will ship at the end of June onwards, although you can place a pre-order for it for £79.99.

The name itself gives the game away – you can mount this puppy vertically, helping you save space in your home at the same time. Grandpa might love to have this for Father’s Day, don’t you think so?

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