Ten Person Water Totter


If you happen to be part of a really, really large family, and each time during the holiday season your uncles, aunts, siblings, nephews and nieces will congregate at your home due to this activity being a family tradition, why not offer something different to keep the little ones entertained this time around with the Ten Person Water Totter instead of letting them sit through yet another round of watching your wedding video while you adults sit down and talk elsewhere?

The Ten Person Water Totter needs no explanation really – this waterborne “toy”, so to speak, will be able to rock up to 10 people simultaneously, where five folks are meant to be positioned on either side, with all individuals grasping one of 20 built-in handles while using their respective body weight to rock the structure which stands 10′ above the water’s surface, splashing opponents in the process.

This is one resilient puppy thanks to the commercial-grade, 1,000 denier polyester fabric used which is sandwiched between two layers of 28 oz. PVC. Those who have some sort of military knowledge will be pleased to know that it goes through a similar same construction process for the material as with the inflatable boats used by the U.S. Navy Seals.

All seams are hot-air sealed, and the PVC has been specially treated to block damaging UV rays. The only drawback? It costs a rather hefty $4,000 to keep the little ones in your family happy.

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