Yahoo! Mail hits latest iteration, kisses goodbye to beta version

Yahoo! hasn’t had it good lately over the years with the emergence of new players in the tech market, but that doesn’t mean this Internet giant is about to throw in the towel. No sir, they are still a formidable force, one to be reckoned with, and has just announced that they will be rolling out their Yahoo! Mail that will drop the Beta tag, making it available for all 284 million users worldwide to make the upgrade in the coming weeks.
Currently, Yahoo! Mail is one of the largest and most trusted email brands in the world, where the newer version will do its bit to bring conversations to life in the form of a faster, safer, and more personal communications experience. Not only that, Yahoo! will also ensure that their latest Yahoo! Mail version will be made available to its range of global partners such as Nokia.

In this version of Yahoo! Mail, it is touted to make it all the more easy for folks to share, organize and store online conversations as well as media content – focusing on improved performance, enhanced spam protection and a rich, customizable inbox. Right now, Yahoo! Mail is available in 43 markets and 26 languages worldwide, delivering features such as the following :-
Social Infusion: People can instantly respond to messages from Facebook, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Mail and other webmail providers with a new easy reply bar. Additionally, people can view photo slideshows, inline videos and more from within their inboxes. People can also view and share notifications and updates from Twitter, Facebook and Zynga from a new Updates tab.
Conversations Aren’t Just Email: Yahoo! Mail prioritizes messages and contacts that matter most. When people want to compose an IM, SMS or email they will find their most frequent contacts and lists shown to them. People can now also chat with Facebook friends alongside Windows Live and Yahoo! Messenger contacts and view all of their past IM and text conversations within Yahoo! Mail.
Tailor Your Inbox: People can choose from over 50 vibrant themes and stationery options to express their personalities and customize how they view messages and contacts.
App-ify Mail: New, easy-to-use applications help people be more productive and organized right from their inboxes. People can now track their online orders with the All My Purchases app, get removed from unwanted newsletters using the Unsubsriber app or send mega files using Attach Large Files by YouSendIt.
Mail Search Redefined: A mail search experience leverages Yahoo!’s wealth of search science and technology to help people get answers faster by finding the right emails. When searching through Yahoo! Mail, a left-hand refinement column appears, letting users easily navigate, sort and narrow the search results by sender, attachment file, date, or folder location.
Lightning Speed: Leveraging Yahoo!’s cloud technology, Yahoo! Mail provides performance that is twice as fast as previous versions of Yahoo! Mail, even in regions where only basic Internet speeds are offered.
Spam Buster: Advanced SpamGuard technology and a new anti-phishing platform have reduced spam reports by 60 percent and help protect people from email hackers and unwanted instant message conversations. Yahoo! Mail blocks more than 550 billion spam messages per month.
It would be interesting to see how the other players in the webmail respond to Yahoo! latest release – will they improve their offerings down the road?

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