SkyScreamer at Six Flags St. Louis takes you for a real ride

Now that summer is here, I’m sure that people will be heading to amusement parks in droves. The SkyScreamer at Six Flags St. Louis should bring a crowd.
There really isn’t anything fantastically new about the SkyScreamer, it isn’t like it incorporates some virtual technology or anything like that Harry Potter ride that Universal has in Orlando. It does take the swing ride to a whole new level with 236 feet of height and a speed of 43 miles per hour.
Yeah, this makes me want to get on the swing ride all over again. I think it has been at least ten years since I have been on something like this, and I like the fact that the swings are built for two.
By the way, the company that made this particular ride has actually made a taller swing ride. They created the 384-foot StarFlyer in Vienna, Austria which sounds like it would be the current record breaker.
I still wonder what could possibly make make the most amusement park ride even more thrilling. Perhaps someone will finally make that experimental technology that I already discussed last week. The one that makes the ride more thrilling as the user gets more scared. Well, we’ll see on that.