Kobo’s Announces the New Touchscreen E-reader

I’m still not on the e-reader train just yet, but Kobo has just announced their new Touchscreen e-Reader.
I have reviewed enough e-readers to know that most of them are pretty much alike, but what makes this Kobo one interesting is that it has a touchscreen, and it is affordable.
I will get to the price in a moment, but it has the same Pearl display that is on the Kindle. It also has a Wi-Fi reader and new search tool with virtual keyboard and highlighting, as well as a built-in Merriam Webster dictionary.
There is an interesting feature that allows the user to open a PDF, as well as zoom in and scroll around. Other features include a Zeforce infrared touchscreen and the freescale i.MX507 allows for better page turning.
I have to admit, I like the way that this e-reader is structured, there is the one button functionality, and a touchscreen. I seem to recall a certain device that changed everything with that pragmatic simplicity. In case you don’t know what I mean, the device starts with “i”.
You should be able to get the new Touchscreen E-Reader for about $130 in June at Borders and Best Buy. If you want to buy the predecessor, you can spend less at $99.