WorldTV 1.0 – Your 15 Minutes of Fame Awaits


WorldTV is a web application that enables its users to create, manage and operate their very own TV channel for publishing to the web or to television. Now being a TV star is an option for all of us, because almost anyone can be a TV broadcaster with WorldTV.

WorldTV is a new platform that enables any individual or company to create their own TV channel that can appear on the web or on television. As you guys already know, there are a new breed of televisions that connect to the Web, and as these ‘connected’ or ‘smart’ TV’s become more commonplace, the need for a platform that can actually publish to these televisions becomes crystal clear and currently, WorldTV is the only self-serve platform dedicated to publishing to TV.

Users can create collections of videos from websites like YouTube or Vimeo, or they can add their own videos to a cloud-based collection. They can publish a full screen web TV channel… traditional TV channels that are viewable on Smart TV’s. The developers tell us that managing the various outputs is remarkably easy with WorldTV’s intuitive interface.

“For too long the world of TV broadcasting has been closed to individuals and businesses. With the new advances in connected, ‘smart’ TV’s, the prospect of anyone being able to readily broadcast their own linear TV channel to the world, is finally becoming a reality,” said Alx Klive, Founder and CEO,

The basic WorldTV service is free, additional features are added at low cost through an innovative ‘pay per use’ model. More details at

I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille…



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