Batman Money Clip


Batman, or Bruce Wayne rather, ought to know a thing or two about wealth creation and preservation – after all, he is a business tycoon during the night and a masked vigilante at night (or in the mornings if the need arises). Why not hand over something as important as your wealth (a portion of it anyways) to him? This is where the Batman Money Clip comes in handy – it looks like a tiny batarang (better to scare muggers away) that will fold around your precious, hard earned bills for $39.99 in return.

Die-cast, it is sheathed in a ninja-like matte black rubberized coating and with a magnetized grip, making it more or less an instant classic. I feel extremely tempted to part with my money for this already, and this would make for the perfect gift for any occasion if you know of a Batman fan. Surely Batman himself will handle your wealth much better than any other superhero, right?

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