Is it a Plane? Is it a Bird? NO! It’s the Tosy AFO!


Waboba USA is aiming to expand its already amazing family-friendly fun line with it’s launch of the Tosy® AFO™ (Aliens’ Flying Object) which is one flying disc type toy that looks like it’s going to fly off the shelves and fill the sky with hours of fun, during the day and well into the night!

Waboba USA’s Tosy AFO is versatile–a flying disc for a game of catch or a boomerang for solo play; perfect for small yards or indoors on those rainy days, creating “hang-time” competitions; and when the sun goes down… it lights-up! Super bright LEDs automatically ignite when launched, creating a colorful rainbow through the night sky or in a darkened space for a truly unique experience.

The AFO includes a specially designed, hand-held launcher and thin, flexible blades which allow the user to control the distance, height and flight characteristics. Pull the launch string and watch it fly; horizontally across the field to be caught by a play partner or vertically to an incredible height, then circling back to return exactly from where it was launched. Indoors, compete to see how long the Tosy AFO can suspend from the ceiling or against the wall, seemingly defying the laws of gravity.

The Waboba USA Tosy AFO will provide hours of fun for the entire family in a variety of settings during the day, or at night and it’s so old it’s new again…perfect. With a suggested price of around $25, the Tosy AFO will soon be hitting the shelves at a toy retailer near you… Swoop in and get yourself one.



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DyLan Yards Says: May 21, 2011 at 7:22 am

That’s an awesome gadget. First time i knew of it, how does it work?

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