Wearable Tent looks far out, some might even say crazy


Here’s a quick question – just how the heck do you think you would draw out a Wearable Tent if someone asked you to do so? For those with less than active imaginations, you can stash the pencil and paper away, checking out the Wearable Tent from Hammacher instead. This tent is meant for one – just one, no two ways about it. Functioning as a jacket, you can also choose to convert it to a lightweight sleeping bag and shelter within minutes.

Hmmm, that seems to take longer than what some convertibles are able to when it comes to having the hood up, where it will offer an impromptu overnight accommodation sans the bulk and weight of traditional separate items. Fully waterproof, it is made out of breathable urethane-coated material, where this rip-stop nylon rain jacket can stash away the integrated three-season sleeping bag and the shelter in separate zippered pouches. With integrated elastic suspenders, they do their bit in distributing the sleeping bag’s weight across the shoulders, while an attached mosquito net deters insects.

The shelter will pull over the head, neck, and shoulders in order to form a wedge thanks to a couple of semi-circular panels which divert rain when lying supine, whereas straps are attached with hook-and-loop fasteners located beneath the body, delivering the shelter’s rigidity. The Wearable Tent can be purchased for $249.95.

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Beeholder Says: May 21, 2011 at 7:47 am

THAT IS SOOOOOOO COOOOL! but i bet it’ll take a long time to wear it?

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