Crazy Cricket Set


Do you play cricket? Well, for those living in North America, you might have heard of the sport (or thought that it was some sort of insect or a mobile carrier), but have you really tried to figure it all out? The Crazy Cricket Set might help get you started or perhaps pique your interest, and you get to enjoy a “starter kit” of sorts without having to fork out a handful of dough on unwieldy bats, balls, and stumps – since the £39.99 Crazy Cricket Set is more or less portable enough for you to enjoy virtually anywhere you desire.

This is no cheap fly-by-night production, but is touted to be made up of superior materials, letting you and your mates enjoy a proper game of cricket without having to go through the hassle of attendants. Since the high quality bats are made up of moulded plastic while the balls are of the soft variety, chances are good you need not head off to the Accident and Emergency wards if an untoward ball hits someone at full speed. Time to break out the sweat as summer arrives!

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