Bye-5: Turn off the lights by slapping it some skin

I have no idea of who invented the high-five, but this hand-to-hand slap has become one of the first things we learn. We are always so proud when our little babies can high five. Yes, there is something very positive about this hand slap, and designer Da Deng has channeled this positive energy into a device that can save energy.
This is the Bye-5 light switch, and it is an ever present reminder to the user to shut off the lights after he or she leaves a room. I’m pretty certain that if consumers would simply shut off the lights of any room that they leave, we would probably save some really big number on electricity each year. But I’m probably sure that you already know that statistic.
The Bye-5 is shaped like a hand, and it even has a skin-like texture. I’m not certain what that means, but it will hopefully sound and feel like a real hand. The user slaps it on the way out, and it even glows in the dark, so you won’t lose your way after the lights are off.
Sadly, the Bye-5 Light Switch is still a concept for now, but I could see it becoming a reality. Perhaps it will become one of those “As Seen on TV” products.

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