Wireless Mobile Storage For your iPad – GoFlex Satellite

Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage
One of the restrictions of the Pad (and iPhone) is it’s lack of expandability with it annoyingly having no USB or memory card ports, thus limiting you to the space you originally purchased. Seagate aim to fill this gap with the GoFlex Mobile Wireless Storage device, effectively a portable hard drive that you connect to over Wi-Fi.
To use you connect (via USB) the GoFlex 500 GB external hard drive to your PC/Mac and download any media files that you want to watch on the go, disconnect and drop the device in your pocket. Nothing new so far, now the clever part is when you want to view the files on your mobile device. The GoFlex creates it’s own Wi-Fi cloud which you then connect to and stream from.
To stream media from the GoFlex you connect via it’s web interface or download the app from the AppStore (Android version coming soon), another neat feature is that it can stream different media to 3 different devices simultaneously.
You can buy the Seagate GoFlex from Amazon for $199.99.