Vieria Concept Car actually cleans the air

I think that we all know that nothing contributes to the growing problem of air pollution than the automobile. However, this Vieria concept car is not planning on being a contributor, but it will clean the air.
The Vieria is described by my Source as a water purifier that “takes in dirty and dusty air, runs it through a filter beneath its passenger capsule and returns clean, fresh, breathable air”. Just think of it as the maid to the other vehicles on the road.
That alone would be enough to sell the Vieria in a hopefully eco-friendly future, but it also has another green feature. It has a shiftable scissor-like wheel and axle system, so it can be thinner on the road. Apparently, this can make it easier for the Vieria to go through rush hour bottlenecks.
Gunwoong Kim and Suji Kim designed this vehicle for the Michelin Challenge, and hope to have the Vieria on the road by 2021. I hope that the presence of only a few of these cars could make a dent, albeit a small one, in the air pollution problem.
Perhaps other automotive companies will imitate this model, and all automobiles will be as green as the Vieria. I can see that future, but I don’t a future where cars have wheels like these. I could be wrong, though.

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  1. I really these kinds of inventions in which they care for the environment first but doesn’t forget the needs of humans in this kind of invention. Cheers to the developers!

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