Verbal Bicycle Bell

“Oiii!” – no sir, your ears are not playing tricks on you. In fact, this is what the Verbal Bicycle Bell sets out to do – using an unconventional method of alerting other road users to your presence so that you won’t end up as another statistic. As you can more or less figure out already, the Verbal Bicycle Bell actually comprises of a bicycle speaker which is capable of recording and playing back any message in order to warn others of your presence.
By default, it will announce “On your left”, but if you choose to apply some imagination and tax your vocal chords a bit, then a touch of a button will proclaim your pre-programmed message. Capable of holding a 20 second sound recording, we might see some enterprising folks use this as a verbal sales pitch machine that ends up more irritating than anything else. Featuring a built-in 44mm speaker that play messages at 80 decibels (which is roughly the equivalent of a standard vacuum cleaner), you can always rely on the standard bicycle bell sound if the need arises. Powered by a trio of LR44 batteries, the Verbal Bicycle Bell will retail for $24.95.