Tobii Technology unveils Tobii X60/X120 Mobile Device Testing Solution


Tobii Technology is the undisputed champ when it comes to eye tracking solutions, and hence has rolled out the Tobii X60/X120 Mobile Device Testing Solution for the masses. This is touted to be the first eye-tracking system of its kind in the world, where it was specially designed to enhance the precision of usability studies for mobile devices and mobile applications so that manufacturers are able to better understand just what consumers see when they use their devices. To put it in plain English, it helps manufacturers walk in your shoes when you use their products – kind of ironic, isn’t it?

The Tobii X60/X120 Eye Tracker will ship with an accompanying testing stand, where it is more than able to test a wide range of mobile devices, operating systems and graphical user interfaces at an unprecedented level of precision where testing handheld gadgets are concerned. The system is capable of delivering an easy-to-use, comprehensive platform to eye track mobile products in a test setting, where natural user interaction with the device is achievable regardless of the size or configuration of the device.

Take for instance, the ability for the user to move the device from landscape to portrait mode without having to recalibrate the eye tracker, making the entire test environment more natural in an uninterrupted manner – this will naturally end up with more precise results. Not only that, Tobii Studio Analysis Software which has been touted to be the leading eye tracking analysis and visualization software, makes life a whole lot easier when it comes to designing the test, running test sessions, replaying and visualizing results, in addition to calculating statistics.

The Tobii X60/X120 makes it a snap to set up, offering a participant calibration time of less than a minute. Never mind about the numerous potential light conditions your test subject will be it – all data gathered will still be as precise as possible. Being highly portable, it is ideal for usability field testing and on-the-fly setup.

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