Hide & Seek Plush Monkey


Hide & Seek used to involve a bunch of giggling children, and it works best if they are at a really, really large house. Well, it seems that the tables have turned with the tide of technology – just take a gander at the Hide & Seek Plush Monkey and tell us otherwise. This $34.95 purchase intends to be the perfect hide and seek companion for your little one.

You can hide him indoors or outside, in places that normal kids aren’t able to get to. The seeker wand will track the monkey, letting out a signal that only the monkey is able to hear. Whenever your little one goes near the monkey, it will start making monkey noises. This causes your kid to be alert and listen for the sounds as he/she hunts around, and to look for the monkey’s hiding place.

There are two hide and seek monkeys available, and the plush version would be the more ideal choice for young uns. Nice to know that this purchase comes with batteries already, I’m sure that will go some ways in convincing parents to pick it up.

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