Elgato HDHomeRun lets you enjoy wireless HDTV on computer at home


Elgato’s latest device to hit the market, the HDHomeRun, is a dual network tuner that enables you to watch HDTV sans wires regardless of whether you are on the Mac or PC camp. After all, HDHomeRun will connect to a TV antenna or digital cable, where it will go ahead and stream live TV in full HD to any Mac or PC in the house. One more step closer to the wireless lifestyle, we guess.

Thanks to technology from SiliconDust that has found a home inside Elgato’s HDHomeRun, this tuner will play nice seamlessly on multiple computers. Imagine your dad watching and recording TV on a Mac, while mom is busy watching and recording a different channel on a PC. HDHomeRun works by connecting to your existing TV antenna or cable TV outlet, in addition to your router via Ethernet.

The entire setup will let the device remain concealed in a discreet location that is away from your computers. Once it is hooked to your Wi-Fi network, you are able to watch live TV wirelessly on a device that has a Wi-Fi connection – ranging from a notebook to an iPad, virtually anywhere around the home (within bounds of the Wi-Fi network, of course).

HDHomeRun will also ship with EyeTV 3, the award-winning TV software for Mac. Too bad for PC users here, eh? EyeTV 3 will let you watch, pause, and rewind live TV on your Mac. Not only that, you are able to search the Program Guide, record TV shows, and export recordings to iTunes automatically for playback on another device like the iPhone or iPad. HDHomeRun will work on a PC as well, and it will treat Windows 7 Media Center like a long lost friend.

Elgato’s HDHomeRun solution that is paired with the EyeTV app will pave the way for live streaming and recorded TV to an iPhone, iPod, and iPad via 3G. Of course, this will be limited only to those using Macs, so that might just rule out your PC purchase that you were mulling over. HDHomeRun can be purchased from the Elgato Store as well as other online retailers for $179.95 a pop.

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Binkie Says: January 4, 2012 at 8:47 am

Have you actually tried using it wirelessly? Or are you just assuming it will work just because technically you can set it up that way? Are you aware of how much bandwidth this thing uses, and how much actual bandwidth is typically available to any given wireless PC? Your article is very misleading, and the drawing of 3 people using it at once (including a guy outside) is absolute nonsense. Shame on you for publishing without researching or testing.

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