Pocket Classics lets you be the talk of toytown

All grown up physically, but deep down inside, you think that you are still a child? That would be interesting if you have the money to throw around via lavish parties and expensive toys, but for the most of us who are part of the working class, the only thing we can do would be to dream on and perhaps work our way to wealth. For those who fall in the former category, there is the Pocket Classics that might just pique your interest – considering they retail for £9,995 each, you had better have deep pockets!
These are true blue half-scale replicas of some of the most desirable rides in history, and will zip you about at a top speed of 46mph – never mind that they don’t look as though they are up to the task. Available in the Jaguar E-Type, Mercedes Benz 300 SL and Speedster, you will be spoilt for choice. Why not get all three of them at the same time? Just make sure there is enough space in your garage…

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