This ride gets more thrilling as you get more scared

by Mark R

So what is it that we are looking at here, some sort of swing that doubles as a torturing device?

You are close. Imagine if there was a thrill-park ride that got more thrilling as you were thrilled. I realize that there was way too many variations of the word “thrill” in that last sentence, but here is what people at Nottingham University are attempting:

These rides are essentially controlled by “bio-feedback” through a medical sensor attached to the rider. If the rider’s breathing gets faster, then the ride will go faster. If the rider can somehow control his or her breathing, then he or she will have one steady ride.

So if you are riding one of those bucking broncos, the mechanical device would speed up its game as you got more scared. The same thing applies to the swing ride, which is what I am seeing in the photo, I assume. I’m guessing the biofeedback readers are in that gas mask contraption.

In all honesty, the idea of amusement park rides that get scarier as you get more scared sounds like something from a nightmare. Are these devices meant to be used as a way of finding controlled relaxation? Whatever it is, it seems a little extreme. When I say extreme, I mean like extreme sports. Maybe that should be the target audience of these devices.


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