Fujitsu hybrid notebook/tablet folds into fourths

I have always envisioned a world where there is a portable device that works like a laptop, but has the portability of a cell phone.
I believe I have shared my story of how I tried to report from CES 2011 on my Droid X. The smartphone is just too small a device, but I don’t like lugging around a laptop or notebook.
Fujitsu might just have the solution to this dilemma with this hybrid notebook/tablet that can fold into quarters. Somehow it works without a hinge, and it has a laser-projected keyboard.
So are we looking at a future where people can just whip out their cellular phones and then unfold them into laptops or tablet PCs? All I can say to that is: Please.
In fact, could someone just make this, right flipping now? I mean, I really can’t stand lugging around my laptop when I am at conferences. I would just love to have all the practicality of a laptop in the size of a cellular phone. I just can’t have that, even with my Android phone.
Hey, Fujitsu, I personally think that you got something here. You had better hurry up and perfect this. Give consumers what they want! How about it, consumers? Is this what you want?

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  1. Wow!!! I have never seen anything as cool as this!!! I know what will be the next MOST POPULAR ITEM!!!!!

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