Snack Packaging Goes High Tech – Can You Hear It?


Does anyone remember Pringles? That nifty little can of neatly stacked potato-like chips, they didn’t taste like regular chips, but if you were in the mood for Pringles, nothing else would do. I haven’t had a Pringle for at least 10 years. I don’t really know why, it was nice to not have that pile of crumbs at the bottom of a greasy bag. Pringles just needed a little more jazz… They’ve been around too long, a little stale so to speak, they needed to do something fun.

Well, Pringles, is giving customers a brand new reason to love its potato crisps. With product purchase, they’re giving away a Pringles brand speaker that is designed to fit onto the top of any can of Pringles, the speaker uses the empty can to amplify the sound when attached to an MP3 player or similar personal music device. With the speaker attached to a can of Pringles, after listeners munch their chips, they can get their groove on.

It’s not so much WHAT it is, as the IDEA behind it that makes me wonder, what’s next? Is this the beginning of a new trend? Sure, it starts out with a simple can of Pringles, but who knows what this could lead to? I might just go ahead and get my Pringles speaker, then again I may just hold out for a new pretzel rod container flat screen. Now that would be really cool!




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