Hand Pedal Float


You know that you would love nothing better than to hang around on a float during the summer in your pool, relaxing with a good book in one hand and a pina colada in another (while slapping yourself liberally with plenty of sunscreen)? Well, there is one minor gripe about such a float – you will need to launch yourself to the middle of nowhere, and getting back to “shore” might be more of a hassle than you originally thought. What better way to reach the side than through the use of a pedal?

This is where the Hand Pedal Float‘s genius comes in – the raft lounger is propelled by hand-powered propellers, where a couple of those four-blade propellers (one on each side of the seat) will rotate with a simple turn, hence moving the float forward, backward, or even turning it in either direction at your whim and fancy – all without getting your hand wet. There is an angled backrest that allows one to enjoy reclined relaxation while drifting aimlessly, and with 25 square feet of space, it offers ample room for outstretched limbs.

A couple of integrated cup holders will help keep your drinks upright, and with the float being made up of heavy-gauge vinyl which resists punctures and fading. The Hand Pedal Float will be a nice $79.95 addition to your home, that’s for sure.

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