X-Fingers replaces non-existent digits

Losing your finger (or even worse, fingers) can be quite a traumatic experience for anybody, as our hands and fingers are parts of the body that we more or less use everyday to do work, never mind if you’re a blue collared worker or one sitting behind a cushy desk, hacking away on the keyboard. Well, we have yet to advance to a stage medically where one is able to grow back fingers from a petri dish that is compatible with your body, so what other alternatives are there? The X-Fingers answers this clarion call, where they are made out of surgical steel and can move, flex, and grasp just like the original.
Didrick is the brain behind the X-Fingers, having designed what is touted to be the world’s first active-function artificial finger assemblies specifically for amputees. With SolidWorks software in tandem, it allows one to have these robotic fingers (and a thumb addition, to boot) to work just like a natural body part without the help of electronics. Want to know more about the kind of magic that makes it possible? Head on after the jump to find out.

The X-Fingers and X-Thumbs will feature criss-crossing surgical steel levers, hence the “X” in X-Fingers, and are actuated by the remaining finger or thumb while remaining covered in thermoplastic for a lifelike look and feel. This allows patients to pick up coins, button shirts, tie shoes, type letters, carry buckets – and for the artistically inclined, play the piano – albeit you might not be able to dance those digits across as expressively as before, still, it is better than nothing.
X-Fingers are vastly different from the traditional flaccid latex appendages, as the latter only intends to mask the problem without providing any solution. Having entered volume production recently, you can choose from more than half a thousand different configurations that cover five different finger thicknesses, 16 different lengths, and myriad injury profiles.
I do wonder whether future insurance policies will cover the purchase of X-Fingers…
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