This Touchscreen lets you feel your touch on the other side

by Mark R

Some of you might remember yesterday when we reported on the PaperPhone, and how it could be the new touchscreen for mobile devices. Today, it is another concept touchscreen that could change mobile technology as we know it.

This touchscreen from Japan’s University of Electro-Communications is meant to be used on one’s palm, and then interfaced with the other hand. When the user touches the screen, it can actually be felt from the other hand.

You can watch a video of it to see it in action after the jump, and how there are sensors on the other side along with some gel so that the back of the touchscreen conforms to the palm. I suppose that for those that really need more haptic feedback then the simple vibration on the finger, this is your gadget.

You can see in the video that this device allows the user to feel like ants are crawling on their palm. That sounds neat, but I see no reason to have something like that. Is there a mobile game that would take advantage of this?

I suppose that this could help the visually impaired, as it would work like Braille on the hand. Perhaps this is the purpose of this particular item.


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