iHome iA63 App-enhanced Alarm Clock FM Radio Stereo Speaker System

Sometimes it feels that when you have seen one iPod/iPhone dock, you have seen them all. Well, despite their similarities, at least the iHome iA63 is different in some ways.
The iA63 is a “next generation app-enhanced alarm clock FM radio for the iPhone and iPod touch”. I got a chance to try it out, and the iA63 has one cool feature as it can spin the iPod/iPhone around so it can be viewed in portrait and landscape mode. Of course, I have seen a similar model from Sharper Image’s catalog.
This one also has a remote control, and a clock and alarm. The user can wake or sleep to an iPhone, iPod, or the FM radio. Nothing different there, but the iA63 is App-enhanced, which allows it to work with iHome+Radio and iHome+Sleep.
As for the sound, it has Reason8 speaker chambers, which are “specifically designed high-end drivers for astounding clarity, depth, and power”. I found that they worked quite well. Other features include an aux-in jack and six FM preset stations. It appears to be compatible with most iPods and iPhones.
If you are looking for a somewhat unique iPod or iPhone dock, then I can recommend this iHome iA63 App-enhanced alarm clock FM Radio Stereo Speaker System at the official site for about $99.99.