Thirsty Light signals for more water

If you lack green fingers, fret not – there are some remedies out there that can help you (and your plants) out. Firebox steps right up to the plate with the Thirsty Light, and by the name itself, you know that it serves as a visual aid so that you will never go through the nuances of under- or over-watering your precious new green addition in the home.
All you need to do is place the probe into the plant’s soil, and should the conditions be too dry, the LED located right on top will start blinking – perfect if you tend to under/over-estimate how much water a plant needs. It might be rather unsightly at first, but as usual, leaving it there for a while will let it slip under your radar after a while.
With an ABS casing, it will specially blend in without looking unobtrusive or invade your visual space. A single Thirsty Light should be more than enough for your home, unless you own a mansion, of course. At £9.99 a pop, it can be used to test all the plants around the hope – just make sure you wipe the durable brass sensor each time you remove it from the soil and it’ll be good to go. There are 5 different levels of dryness for a more accurate result.